So, the plan is to write reviews of all the gigs i go to this year, partially influenced by Tom's thousand, and partially by this...

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Bad Carsmile! Naughty Carsmile!
Sigh, what can i say, I'm crap...

in an attempt to get back up to speed, i shall now cheat and just write haikus of gigs i've seen. Ask me about them in the pub, if you weren't there, which chances are you probably were

Cousteau, The Zodiac
Bloke with quiff and tats
Sings like Scott Walker used to
Gigs start too early

Aislers Set, Sportique, Airport Girl, RoTA
Drinking beer with mates
Not watching the bands at all
Try again next week

Aislers Set, Sportique, Airport Girl, The Point
Needn't have bothered
Don't see what all the fuss is
Standard indie noise

ATP, Camber Sands
Fun with friends and booze
All the bands disappointing
Naked skateboarder

Aislers Set, Strange Fruit
Oh no! I missed it
First time I've not been at it
Since the London launch

King Adora and Mo-Ho-Bish-O-Pi, the Zodiac
Meg dragged me to this
3 Colours Red in make up
Bring back the Yo-Yos

Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia and The Rock of Travolta The Point 24 March
MBICR (as all the kids are calling them) are a rather interesting proposition. Essentially a sort of female fronted Arab Strap. Their lead singer was described by Mrs Carsmile as "a cross between Sophie Ellis-Baxter and Brian Molko" which I thought was rather humourous, and strangely true, but don't let that put you off. She also chain-smoked throughout the set...

more later (honest)

Camera Obscura and The Lollies, Upstairs at the Garage, March 10
Another Strange Fruit night, another two bands missed due to excessive nattering. Really I'm only writing this because March is looking rather sparse, partially due to lack of decent gigs, but mainly due to massive doses of skintness due to the forthcoming Camber Sands madness, which in theory should mean reviews of lots of bands, but in practise will be a weekend long version of Strange Fruit, except with a half decent number of bar staff. But the big April dilema is Tompaulin and Trembling Blue Stars *OR* Napalm Death, both playing in Ox on 28th, coincidentally Mrs Carsmile's birthday...

Will this do?